The only thing about this film that I can remember is that a woman moves into a new house that used to be either a convent or church or something like that. She discovers an old tape recording of an exit interview of a nun explaining why she feels compelled to leave her order. The protagonist of this story is advised, I think by a priest, not to listen to this recording, but she disregards this advice and listens anyway. On the tape the nun explains that she and some fellow nuns saw a man on their doorstep who was very strange and appeared to be possessed. So she snd the other nuns tried to perform an exorcism on him and it went terribly wrong. Later the woman’s son sees the ghost of the possessed man. I wish I could remember more, but that is all. I don’t know who was in it. And I can’t even picture any of the actors. This film came out some time in the last 10 to 15 years. I think in the last decade. That is my best guess. I don’t think it was a well known film, but I could be wrong. Does anyone know the name of this movie and who was in it? Thank you.

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