What is the name of this Thriller film?

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Hello…I’ve made 5 attempts (each being of couple hours in length) over the last couple years without any success in finding the name of this film.

Here’s what I know:

This thriller/mystery/suspense film was made sometime between 2006 to 2019.

The plot has a couple driving in the countryside to, I believe, the sister’s house. Someone or something is following them and when the couple stops at a gas station, we see the shadowed figure dart across the screen in the background while one of them waits in the car in the foreground. Halfway through the film the big twist is revealed. The couple we had followed are actually the villains. A flashback reveals The couple that actually own the car were carjacked by this couple we had watched for the first half and were killed off in a forested area near the road. Whats also revealed is the female victim actually survived and is the one who had been following them. The dangerous couple make it to their destination and the climactic battle ensues. I can only recall someone hiding in the closet at the end.

Good luck. I kept getting Eden Lake, From The Dark, Perfect Getaway. Its not these. Not sure if its a European film.

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I have been looking pretty hard for this, but nothing perfectly matches so far. Was this in english? Do you remember any box art? Was it specified as an intended carjacking?


I’m certain it was in English.

As for the box art….friend who watched it with me, says what he recalls is it had a simple drawing of a road leading up to a house. It had a car going up the road to the house. Believes the bg was red and the house and car were black.

When the reveal twist happened midway, I believe the couple were driving their car which broke down. They stopped another car on the quiet country road and carjacked the good samaritan couple. They took them into the woods, killed them, and then continued in their car. The female victim survived, shortcutted thru the country and caught up at the gas station. Its foggy after that as to what happened.


Fractured (2016)

There is an alternate poster that is exactly the cover you describe, and the plot twist is kind of talked about in the reviews. That was hard to find.

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Sonofagun. Hats off to you!

How did you wind up finding it?

It took a long while. I ended up doing an advanced search on imdb using plot: driving, restricted it to your year range, only looking in mystery, only in films video tv movie, in english language. I looked through, saw that, googled and saw og poster. voila

Well, thanks. Very much appreciated. I scoured for an hour to two hours every few months. My wife brought me here and boom. I know who to talk to now if it becomes this tough again. lol