What is this foreign language horror film set at a facility in the snow

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I am going crazy trying to find this movie that I saw years ago. It was a foreign language film but I’m not sure what country it’s from. I was thinking maybe a Scandinavian country but it might not be. I remember it as a group of young people go to some facility for a sleep study. It is a big rectangular building with snow all around. Things start getting shady and I think people start dying and there is one main guy who we are following. He ends up finding a video of a guy who was there six months earlier being interviewed by two people. While watching it, the boy in the video looks directly into the camera and speaks directly to the guy watching. He has figured out that time is not linear and everything that is happening, and everything that has ever happened, and everything that will ever happen all exists at the same time.
Can anyone please help me find this film?! It may have been around 2006-2012 but not sure.
Thanks 🙂

pori Posted new comment Aug 22, 2021

Reminds me of “Tell Me How I Die” (2016) But not foreign.