What is this movie?

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I saw a movie long ago and I cannot remember the name. It was early 2000s/2010s.
It’s in the Saw/Escape Room neighborhood. Thriller/horror genre…

A man is driving in the middle of nowhere. (I think he might have kids/a family with him)?
They find an old, seemingly abandoned roadside attraction (can’t remember if it was a museum, or maybe an old carnival game, or magic shop – something of that nature).
Then, they become trapped somehow and have to play (deadly) games to escape.

I’m afraid I don’t remember much. Just that I want to see it again and I can’t figure out title!

VHS_Lives Answered question Apr 29, 2021

That’s not it either, but closer! Thank you!


The year is off, but maybe “Tourist Trap” (1979)?

bdown237 Posted new comment Apr 24, 2021

Thanks! That’s not it, unfortunately.