Hi please can someone help me remember the name of this movie
Basically the two main characters start dating or something I can’t actually remember how they met but the actress the main actress already has a boyfriend and she’s using the main actor because he has a company that’s gonna make a lot of money so she wants to get married to him quickly and that so she can then take half of what the company is worth and the actors in love with the main actress and after a while he finds out somehow that she has been with someone else the whole time I think he hears her on the phone she’s in the kitchen I hear her talking about how she’s going to take half of his money but he still goes through the wedding and after a while she starts to figure out that he knows and it’s like they both know what’s going on but they’re stubborn or something about because he is actyally in live with her
But at the wedding he says i do and she says no
The actor kinda reminds me of Kyle Bornheimer…

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YES !! I commented on this site thinking no one would actually answer …. thank you so much I have been searching online for months (I’ve seen the movie twice though but somehow couldn’t remember the name) thank you so much glad my ramblings were clear enough to get the movies name 😂😂