What is this TV show

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There is a man who can make people hallucinate and embarrass themselves.

Scene 1
A female mayor (black) and her male assistant (white) think they are doing the deed at a private place, but they area actually doing the deed in her office. They realize where they are and see peple working around them pretending to ignore them

Scene 2
A politician imagines he won the vote to become POTUS. A friend suggests they go out. The politician sees 2 asian girls and he ends up stripping in front of them. The girls laugh and take photographs. The politician wakes up to find himself in public and people are taking photographs.

Scene 3
The man who can make people hallucinate meets his his daughter, but he not supposed to and gives her a laptop. She says failed to get a scholarship. The man then says maybe he can help her since he knows people in high places. Later in the same episode, we see the man in a place with blank walls. He asks if they can help his daughter get a scholarship. We hear a man say sure you helped us so much, we can do this. Once you finished the mission, we will help her. At the end of the episode his daughter gets apology and that there was a mistake, ans she gets a scholarship.

Ron Lam Asked question Jul 22, 2020