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A few years ago, we watched a psychological thriller about a woman whose son drowns in the river outside their door. In trying to recover, she takes the advice of a close friend or family member and rents a house(possibly a lighthouse?) off the coast of a small town(New England, maybe?) that appears to be haunted. I believe it comes out later that she is the victim, for some reason I can’t remember, of a hoax.

I may not have the plot exactly correct, but does anyone remember a similar movie?

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Half Light – a fine ghost story from 2006 that starred Demi Moore. The plot did mix a gas lighting hoax with genuine supernatural events. Demi is a writer and blames herself for her son’s drowning. She was so involved with her work that she ignored his pleas to play one day, so he went outside alone and drown in a nearby canal. Wracked by guilt and unable to write, she moves to a little village on the Scottish coast. She becomes romantically involved with the lighthouse keeper, and begins to see the ghost of her son.

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