So I forgot the name of this movie I watched many years ago. Mabey one of you knows what it is.

the plot of this movie is that there are a group of kids 3 or 4 and I can’t remember why but they decide to go to this forest in the middle of nowhere. when they get there there is this police officer who won’t let them pass. they eventually get in and find this house that is powered by steam. later on, one of the guys tries on this helmet to decipher something but because it’s steam-powered the helmet would heat up and really hurts him, in this scene, they also talk about how this might have been how the owner of the house got his face scar/burnt. we also find out that the police officer has a daughter and the reason he was interested in this house was that there was a diamond generator using the steam in the basement, the reason he wanted it was for his daughter. there was a scene with the daughter where one of the kids was tied up or something and the girl wants to act like in a roleplay. when the movie is at the end.

in not sure if this is in chronological order. also, there are multiple on the same kids one is when they go to some hot island somewhere and another is about a painting

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