So it’s an older animated movie that I saw as a kid in the 90s at home over and over again. It must’ve been on VHS. I don’t think it was CGI. The animation kinda reminds me of Aristocats.

Towards the end of the movie, There’s a battle between good guys and bad guys. Good guys are protecting their fort/wooden walls and have a fake wooden elephant waiting behind the gates. I do not remember if everyone were humans or animals, it was an animated movie.

The good guys purposely let the bad guys in so the bad guys can see the fake wooden elephant. The bad guys don’t know it’s fake.

I specifically remember the good guys blowing into a horn to make it sound like the elephant was doing it. The elephant also had red glowing eyes. I remember the good guys yelling, “blow!” each time before blowing into the horn. The good guys also make steam to make it look like steam coming out of the elephants trunk or ears and to mask themselves from the bad guys.

The bad guys become afraid and end up retreating.

Sweet suffering Jesus this has been bugging me since I was a child. I’m about to turn 30 and I would like to remember this movie because it left such an impression on me.

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