What’s the name of this horror movie?


Please bear with me, this was a long time ago and I don’t remember much.

From what I remember this movie had a female lead that was being tormented by something/someone invisible. When I was a kid I thought it was an invisible person but looking back it could have been a ghost. One of the scenes I clearly remember she is in her apartment complex and she is looking down the stairwell into the darkness and a shadow starts to come up at her. She also has an altercation with this invisible entity/ghost in her apartment where furniture gets knocked around and such.
At the end of the movie she ends up in a barn of sorts where she is solving the case of this thing that has been tormenting her and on the loft of the barn she finds a small box with pictures of other victims. They’re women who have been tortured and it’s pretty disturbing if I remember correctly.
The last thing I can remember is her getting knocked off the loft of the barn, but catching herself just to find herself hanging over a barrel of pitchforks underneath her. I don’t recall how it ends or anything else, but it’s burned into my memory because as a child this movie terrified me.

It was probably close to a decade ago but I can’t give anything but a description of the bits I remember about the movie. If this information strikes something with anybody please let me know because I have been looking everywhere for years with what little I have and found nothing. 🙁

Thank you for your time!

Movve3 Answered question Mar 12, 2022

The only movies I can think of are the hollow man 2, The Lovely Bones, and The Awakening. I hope this answer is helpful.

Lamb Posted new comment Mar 13, 2022

After watching the movies listed, I can confirm it is not any of them unfortunately.

Thank you so much for your answer though! I very much appreciate it. I also watched Hollow Man 2 because of you, which I had never seen. 😹