What’s the name of this kids comedy film?

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It is a film from the early 2000’s about a teenage girl who goes to a mall and uses a machine to change her appearance (a bit like the game Sims), she then sees what she would look like as a boy, but then changes into him for real.

Rileysnow Answered question Aug 2, 2020

are you sure it was a movie? was it in english? my first thought was “it’s a boy girl thing”, or even “hot chick”, but the mall simulation bit I am not seeing….
did she do a full body swap or just dress as?


It was a kids movie, in English that I watched in 2005, but the clothing was more from the mid to early 90s.

The girl went to the mall and saw a machine that allowed a person to see how they would look with different styles, then there was an option to see how she would look as a male, so she selected that option, and outside the machine a lady could see and thought how handsome he looked, the machine then actually turned the girl into the guy.

Rileysnow Posted new comment Aug 3, 2020

Sorry, not the right one, the girl was definitely changed to a girl through use of a machine at a mall.