what’s the name of this movie

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I’ve been trying to find this movie for days and I can’t remember any of the actors or the title.

It’s set in the US and it’s about this old guy who breaks out of jail and this kid who’s going to college or art school and wants to be a photographer. Then they’re both stuck with each other in like a road trip and they con a bunch of people. There’s a bit in the middle where they get money from a church and the old man says something along the lines of “this is a really nice church you got here” to the priest and then at the end of the movie, the last scene is the kid saying the same thing to a nun about her church.

There’s also a bit in the middle where they’re at a diner and eating a pie and the old criminal smooth-talks a rich looking guy and gets a cigar from him, then the kid who wants to be a photographer puts the pie on the rich guy’s tab and leaves. Then the rich guy chases after them for a bit.

If someone could tell me what movie I’m on about, it would be much appreciated.

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