What’s the name of this movie?


To all the movie buffs out there,I need help remembering a title to a movie.
From what I recall, the movie is either a mid/late 90s or early 2000s sport, raunchy comedy baseball movie. This guy is a coach for a kids baseball team(I do believe) but his friend is running from his girlfriend’s ex(Tall stocky dude with glasses with a ridiculasly long penis) in fact one of the quotes from this movie is,”Why are you afraid of this guy? He doesn’t look so tough!” “He can lift up a chair…” pff, So?,”…From ACROSS the room!” O.O Okay, maybe we SHOULD get outta here….” they then take off and end up to this warehouse or something…? Anyway,the sairway breaks or something and the stocky guy actuly saves them…Using his ‘jack johnson’ as a rope…
Any ideas?

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you aren’t misremembering “baseketball” are you?

@VHS_Lives I can officially rule out Baseketball. This movie involved children and the coach had a clipboard and a blue polo shirt(I do believe) the bad guy had on sunglasses and black pants(like a 90s villain or something)I never saw the whole movie; I just remember the parts that I did see, which I assume is the ending of the movie or near the end. I’m not 100% sure if it’s baseball, but I do remember it was an outside sport(could have been soccer or track or something)

This is is tough. I assume him being a coach wasn’t a main theme? Was this originally in english? Can you guestimate when exactly you saw it?

@VHS_LIVES yeah, probably around 2003 or 2004 on comedy Central (it was edited for TV) it wasn’t a TV show, I can guarantee that. The coach looked kinda like Trey Parker and Nat Faxon (but wasn’t them)

i am confused, you are saying coaching is not the main plot? what would you say the plot is? i have it down to 1.3k films on imdb, but need just one keyword that would be in a plot or synopsis….