What’s the name of this movie?

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Hi All, I don’t remember a lot but I think, I have some clues.

English speaking comedy movie, from 80′ (or earlier)
A group of tourists comes to some hotel (in the jungle? – there was very hot, all actors were wet all the time) that turns out to be a disaster.
Bad building conditions and a lot of wild animals all around.
A seal chases the guy around the slide, I think someone kisses a chimpanzee?
For sure there was a porcupine in the middle of room/bath?
And one guy was all the time repeating “it would have never happened in swiss air” – or sth like that (there could be another name of airlines)

I don’t remember how they get there and why couldn’t leave.
I don’t remember any actors name 🙁
I associate the name of the hotel “Paradise”, but I might as well be wrong.

I’m dying. Please help me.

Findmovies Posted new comment Jan 27, 2022

This is such a long shot that I don’t want to suggest it as an official answer. But could the movie be Club Paradise? The only animal I remember in it was an anaconda (wrapped around Andrea Martin), but it has been 35 years since I saw this in the theater. Robin Williams buys a rundown dump of a resort in the tropics. He puts out a fancy brochure that convinces some city folk (many of them Second City folk) to fly down from the USA for a stay. Hijinks occur. I don’t remember any seals or porcupines, however, so either this is a bad suggestion, or my memory really is that bad.

It sounds funny