What’s the name of this movie with an autistic lead character


So i watched this movie when I was a kid.

It was aired on tv around 2010.
It was probably an older movie.
Made at least before 2005 but might even be from 1975 area.

I can’t remember a lot about it.
But there are a couple of things

So the main character is autistic.
And i believe he going somewhere.
Like he’s on the road.
He repairs cars for money.

There was a scene were he was holding a sign stating he would repair a car for money.

There was also a part in the movie were he went to a small village.
We’re he went to a black church for one of the 1st times assumably.

This is also why i think it was probably made in the US.

He got to know i believe to be old lady there.

When he was in the next village over think sitting in a bar.
He saw a news report about how the village with the church was flooded.
Because there was a big storm.

He rushed back walking trough the high water into the church finding almost all of the people there I think. And they were all happy to see him.

I remember having cried for a big part of the movie. Because it was just so touching.

That’s about all I can remember.
I would really appreciate the help in finding out the name of this movie.

farcry Posted new comment Aug 27, 2021

The Apostle (1997) has a mechanic who is involved with a church of mostly black people but no autism or flooding.