its an american movie that i saw years ago , i remember some parts of it but the memory is blurry since i was a little kid when i first saw it .
i remember it made me cry . ( maybe drama …)
it wasnt too old , so build time around 1995 to 2005 !!!

from what i remember, its about this middle age man who has a home , a life , and he is probebly a writer.
something happens and he loses everything . he becomes a homeless person. and most of the movie is about his struggles to adapt.

i remember a scene where he for the first time goes to a trash can and find something to eat. (he cries of course … cuz he cant believe he has to do this from now on .)

and i remember some part of the ending , where he comes up the an idea to write a new novel and he turns his life back to normal.

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