What’s the title of a black and white WWII in the Pacific film

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A US platoon is in the jungle, hiding from Japanese soldiers who are swimming in a lake or river, under a water fall. There is a confrontation and a small number of US soldiers hide in the jungle, but are killed until only a couple, or perhaps one, remain. One of them does after falling off a tree. Black and white.

Blas89 Posted new comment Dec 12, 2020

Just a guess, maybe “Bataan” (1943)?

It is a black and white WWII movie set in the Pacific theatre of war.

Thank you, Casspir. I have just watched it on rental but it doesn’t seem to be the one I remember, for example the scenes with Japanese soldiers bathing or the US soldier falling off the tree with a close up of his dead countenance. It is very close though and Bataan is a good film, so I appreciate your reply. Just one thought, when I watched the movie, maybe 35 years ago, the TV set may have been an old B&W one so it is even possible that the film was in colour!