Woman and dog at a dog show, ears perk, I cannot remember the movie

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I don’t remember much, but the dog was at a dog show and he won because the woman told him they were going home. The dog was happy when he heard so his ears perked up from the phrase “we’re going home” or something similar. I think the woman was dressed in an older fashion style of clothes. The dog was not a small dog either I think he was a German Shepherd or something equal to that. I think the movie was in color, but I may be remembering wrong. This was a live-action movie and it was in English. Thank you!

VHS_Lives Answered question Oct 28, 2021

“best in show” comes to mind, but I cannot seem to find a refrence to that exact ending.

ongt4754 Posted new comment Oct 28, 2021

Thank you! I’ll look into it further to see.

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