Woman falls in love with soldier and gets pregnant movie?


I’ve been trying to find a movie for years now, but I can’t find it. I don’t remember it from start to finish, but I do remember some things about it:
*I believe the movie is set in the countryside
*A blond curly-haired woman has a mom and sister (maybe a dad as well) who hate her and practically make her life hell.
*Both the woman and the sister want to be with a guy (who later gets deployed into the army and dies)
*Woman gets pregnant by the guy before he leaves.
*The woman’s mom and sister take away her baby boy when it is born. I remember she gets really upset and instead of saying anything, she bites her lip hard enough to see blood trickling down her chin.
*She lives alone with her dog, and they both get bit by a snake and die.
*The woman’s son visits his real mom’s grave later on when he is older.

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Jessica (2004).

Google: movie|film+pregnant+sister+mother+baby|son+snake+bites|bite

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