Woman has memories of a house but doesn’t know why

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This is not going to have a lot of information about the film but I am really hoping it has enough that someone can help me figure it out. Im been trying to figure it out for 4 hours.

– In the movie I know there is a woman who happens upon an old house ( I don’t know why she find this house but she does), She has memories of the house but doesn’t know why.
– Later in the movie she goes into the house and I believe she finds pictures in there and they are of her.
– She asks her mom about it and the truth comes out that the woman did live in the house when she was younger with like grandparents or an aunt and uncle or I don’t know I know it was a man and woman. This man and woman raised the lady that has memories of the house for like 5 years but then her mom came back and took her away from them. Not kidnapped I remember them giving a reason the mom could just come back and take her but I don’t remember what it was.
– I do remember that the woman who is having all these memories of the house ends up restoring the house and living in it.

I know this wasn’t a lot of information but if anyone could help me figure this out that would be amazing

taylerkiner Edited question Mar 22, 2021