Woman rapes and shoots a man in revenge

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Hey please help me find the name of the film

There is a scene where a woman takes revenge for her rape, she wears a wig, buys drugs on the street, finds the guy (who had also assaulted other women) in some club, drugs him, then rapes him with a huge strap-on and then shoots him. When she is questioned in court, a nun confirms her alibi saying that the woman stayed in at the nunnery at the time of the crime. ​

Other details: the guy had been lying to his wife saying he’s going for a run, instead he was seeing someone, and when his wife joins him on the next run she outperforms him, showing him he’s out of shape and that she’s aware he wasn’t running all these times.

Possibly an independent film, possibly German, coloured

Thanks in advance xo

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