World War II movie – boy meets girl & numbers in the title

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Hello Everyone,

I’m am trying to find a movie for a library patron. This is what she remembers about it: I’m looking for the title of a movie set during WWII. I believe it was produced in Europe within the last 10-15 years. I remember there being numbers in the title.
The plot centers around a girl and boy who became friends before the war, were separated during the war, and returned home after to find everything changed. The girl’s family owned a large house, and I think the boy stayed with them as a child/teenager because he didn’t have family in the area. I believe several languages were used throughout the film.

thanks for your help! Joyce

Diggumsmack Answered question Jul 30, 2022

Germany year zero (1948)

I realize the year doesn’t jive with your description but worth a shot.

Jeffcolibrarian Posted new comment Jul 30, 2022

I will pass along the title & let you know if that’s the one. Thanks!