ok (sorry for my english) i’ve been looking for this movie for years, its from when i was like 9 and im 24, i try many sites and no one can find it, and i only remember one scene toward the end. its like in a town in the us in the 70 i think, there is this girl and she is with a friend and they go swimming into the ocean and they arent in a beach but in a hidden rocky shore, and when the girl goes inside the water the current is to strong and she almost drawn but is saved, (she tries grabbing or swimming toward the rocks but she couldnt grab them), anyway when she is headed back home i think she is in one of those police trucks the sherrif driving tells he that she was lucky, that in the afternoon just before her, there is one guy almost her age that did drown because of the current, and somehow the girl know him (maybe they were partners?) obviously he drowns, he tells her he was with a brother or friends and she is devastated and that is all i remember.

maybe you can help me! i saw it on tv maybe boomerang or one of those channels.

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